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July 05, 2020

Exporting an RDS Postgres database to local database

If you work with databases in the cloud, there’s a high possibility that you’ve worked with/or at least are familiar with Amazon’s relational database service, RDS. RDS offers capabilities to host all of the major relational database engines you would need when considering database provisioning, hosting, scaling, etc. In my case, I use RDS almost every day and it’s another...

June 27, 2020

Running NPM script tasks in different directories

Recently I’d been working on a TypeScript project that had nested modules throughout the codebase. It had a top-level package.json file and three nested sub-modules all with their own package files. In order to build and test the project before checking-in code changes, I needed to access the NPM script tasks of each sub-module to build them and run the...

March 09, 2020

Software Engineering - An Industry of Opportunity

Last month, lots of people working within the tech industry (Software Engineering, specifically) contributed to a trend on Twitter where they shared their personal response to 5 important facts related to their professional journey (1. Education, 2. Years in the game, 3. Job Title, 4. Working Location, 5. Salary). Personally, I thought this was a really positive endeavour as it...

March 03, 2020

Fetching zip files from S3 Buckets with NodeJS

Recently, I’ve been working on a project that uses a lot of Serverless technology. In most cases, I’m writing Serverless functions in AWS using their FaaS (functions as a service) offering, AWS Lambda. Amazon have did a great job in providing a SDK for NodeJS which makes writing Lambda functions in JavaScript very simple as it provides lots of different...