Hi! I'm Andrew. A 31 year-old Software Engineer based in Northern Ireland. Currently working for Liberty Information Technology. When I'm not procrastinating, I'm usually tinkering, trying to learn new things.

I graduated with a First Class honours in Computing from Queens University, Belfast in 2011. Since then, I've been working on lots of different projects.

Development Skills

I am proficient in the following programming languages, frameworks & skills:

  • Front-end Development - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React, Gulp, Grunt, etc.
  • Back-end Development - Java, Node, Golang, C#(.NET), etc.
  • Application Containerization/Virtualization - Docker, VirtualBox, etc.
  • AWS Cloud Services - Cloudformation, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, Cloudwatch, SNS Topics, API Gateway, etc.
  • Other Skills - CI/CD, Hosting, Web Security, Microservices, Production Readiness, Git, Subversion, etc.

Side Projects

  • pairs app
  • Random Facts

    • I'm an avid collector of Lego minifigures, enamel pins and rare CDs.
    • I once had my lunch with David Beckham.
    • I love anything Superman-related.
    • I've never watched The Lord of the Rings.
    • I drive a VW Polo nicknamed 'Spearmint'.
    • I drive a VW Golf GTI nicknamed 'Whizz'.